An inspired singer, song writer, producer and an extraordinary performer.  Her new single title “Holy of Holies”, in honor of Passion of the Christ, was the
No.1 song on Christian Rock Chart at for six straight months, April through September of 2004.

Musical Style and Influences
By today's standards, the music can best be categorized as Alternative Christian Rock. It is distinctive sound, but it is similar to the styling of bands such as Evanescence, The Benjamin Gate and Creed.

Her music can be described as guitar-rooted songs that feature sensitive and stunning vocal work. Lyrically, her songs evoke self-examination and the affirmation of one's faith.  

In her words, "I have achieved nearly every personal goal that I have set. Now I want to be able to make a difference, to inspire people to find or affirm their faith. The best way for me is to do it is through my music."

Artist History
Sherreece’s has been performing since her mid teens and launched her recording career in the late-90’s.  During 2000 - 2001, the songs “When I Die” and ‘In The End’ from her CD, New Age Dawning (St. Roch) received air play on AC40 format stations in many markets throughout the US. Her video's for “New Age Dawning’ and ‘When I Die’ were in regular rotation on Independent Music Network TV (IMNTV) which broadcasted nationally via cable.

During 2002, with the assistance of the Ministries Network, the song 'Wings' received airplay on Christian Radio stations throughout Canada and was also included in a missionary effort to introduce Christian Music artists to Africa.
Via the internet, Sherreece has achieved international exposure and has developed a loyal fan base. Some quotes from some dot coms: said "Sherreece's songs have STEADILY occupied Top-40 chart positions on since January, 2000."
says "Sherreece is a wistful, larger than life-force experience." -

calls her "One bad sista'. 




Sherreece has a passionate interest in health and fitness. She is one of the owners of World Gym in New Orleans, and offers free memberships to help youth groups that face challenges in their lives such as child abuse, drug and/or alcohol abuse. Sherreece works directly with a local church group to discuss how the bible can help lead the youths to become responsible citizens in their church and community.

Sherreece feels truly inspired by God and she wants you to share that feeling. After listening to this exciting CD you just might  feel that way too.

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Home Phone : 1 (504) 391-3906
Mobile Phone:
1 (504) 813-8486
Fax: 1 (425) 699-2311

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Mp3 College Radio Network – 3633 Lake Kristin Drive – Gretna, LA. 70056 - USA